postheadericon What You Should Know About Shopping for Electric Hookahs

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The electronic hookah, like the e-cig, is rapidly growing in popularity for several reasons. The smaller size of the e-hookah makes it much more portable than the traditional hookah. It delivers nicotine in a heated vapor as opposed to combustible smoke, so it appeals to people who want the experience of smoking but not the health consequences that are associated with traditional hookahs.

There are significant differences between the e-hookah and a traditional hookah. The most notable is that the e-hookah does not come with the multiple hose attachments that traditional hookahs have, so you do not have the same kind of smoking ‘session’ that is at least part of the popularity of the traditional hookah experience. E-hookahs do deliver a thick and strong vapor that allows you to combine different flavors through the use of two cartridges. It does not taste the same as the traditional hookah, and it may take some getting used to for people who are attempting to make the switch from a traditional hookah, but part of the allure is the many unique flavor combinations available to try. The e-hookah is also designed to be compact and portable, making it far easier to take with you. Its sturdy construction and long lasting battery mean fewer pauses to recharge and much easier portability for people on the go.

thumbnail (31)The e-hookah looks different and tastes different than a traditional hookah. It does not come with the multiple hose attachments of the traditional hookah, but its sturdy construction and compact size make it far more portable. It delivers a hearty and thick smokeless vapor and allows you to mix and match your flavors. A long battery life means fewer pauses to recharge.

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thumbnail (32)When it comes to hookah’s, do you find that your selection is rather lacking? When you head to the local smoke shop you usually just find the usual selection of brass or plated silver. These are fine and all if you want a generic hookah, but what if you want something that is either more outrageous or just plain classy?

If you have this need, this want, then you should check out! This site has a great collection of unique e-hookahs and vaporizers, but it also has a great selection of traditional hookah’s that help to supplement your need for a more traditional smoke. When you want nothing more than to have a nice, luscious, smooth smoke, you cannot beat a traditional hookah. The big plumes of smoke that you can be achieved from a traditional hookah are the kind that you cannot replicate with an electronic version.
Here are a few examples of the traditional hookah’s that are available:

Ed Hardy Edition

Yes, it’s just that, Ed Hardy themed hookahs that give a bit of a retro and extremely artistic form to your hookah. These do not look like anything you will find at your corner store smoke shop.

Egyptian Hookah

These hookah’s were designed by the Egyptian people and have a style that is all their own, and while many hookah’s look the same, these stand out from the pack due to their interesting qualities and high end materials.

These are a few examples of the fine items that you can find on the storefront. All of the items you find on Wawa are high quality, at a great price, and we never once felt like we were being cheated or judged.

postheadericon Vaporizing Websites You Can Trust

thumbnail (21)In a world where vapor is king and websites selling them are extremely shady; it can be hard to find a site that you trust, and that is why we created!

Wawa is a place that we want you the customer to come to feel safe while shopping on the internet. Vaporizers and E-hookah sites are, for some reason, one of the shadiest places to visit on the internet. These sites can make your purchases feel a bit tainted, like you’ve done something wrong even though you’ve done nothing wrong; and it’s simply due to the design of the website!

It’s crazy, but it’s true! It’s like when a comic shop is dank, dark, and smelly; we don’t understand why people think this is okay!

By providing you with a website that doesn’t look like it is from the darkest ally of the world wide web, we are giving you a pleasurable experience while you are shopping. When you have a good time shopping, you have a good feeling attached to the item you purchased; and we don’t ever want you to have a negative experience while you are shopping since that could translate on to the item you purchased. It’s probably one of the worst feelings in the world when that happens! That is why we take the time to make sure that our site is the best out there both in quality of the design and the quality in our products that we sell on our storefront!

postheadericon Vape in Style

thumbnail (18)Vaping has so many benefits over smoking, and the ability to vape in style is one of them. Enhance the look of your e-cigarette or mod with Madcows’ decorative decals to enjoy the flavor of your favorite eLiquid and keep your stylistic integrity. Continue reading to learn more about vaping in style.

Madcows are an awesome way to add some of your own personal style to your vaping equipment. They are made out of the highest-quality laminates and vinyl and are printed with high-quality ink to ensure a vibrant appearance and a long life. There are so many styles, patterns and colors available so that you are sure to find a Madcows that seems as if it was designed just for you. Choose from a creative selection of patterns from colorful psychedelic to wood and stone and everything in between. There are also camouflage options available and Madcows adorned with images. Whether your passion is skulls, butterflies, monsters, dragons or zombies, there is a Madcows suited for your style. You can even show your patriotic passion with Madcows featuring the United States flag. There are always new patterns, textures and images available, so keep checking back for new Madcows that call your name.

Vaping in style is easy with this wide selection of Madcows to add some style and personality to your vaping equipment. Enjoy the ultimate vaping experience with a stylish Madcows to adorn your equipment and a smooth, flavorful eLiquid. Look around for other equipment and accessories to make your experience even better.

postheadericon Top E-Cigarette Gift Ideas

thumbnail (4)If you are trying to encourage the smoker in your life to quit, then giving the gift of e-cigarettes may be the perfect choice. You can also surprise and support a vaping friend or loved one with a special gift. Whether you are looking for birthday gift ideas or selections for another special occasion, such as an anniversary or holiday, you can’t go wrong with these top e-cigarette gift ideas:

Starter Kit

For the vaping newcomers, e-cigarette starter kits have everything they need to get started. Options include atomizers, extra batteries, chargers, and a variety of e-liquid. You can choose from simple kits that have just the basics or more advanced kits that come with even more accessories, such as portable charging cases. These sets are perfect for newbies who are confused about how to get started and those who need a gentle nudge.

Extra Batteries

Running out of battery life when you are mid-vape is about the worst. You can save your friend or loved one from such a scenario by gifting him or her with a few extra e-cigarette batteries. You can never have too many on hand, as you might lose one or forget to charge one. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

E-liquid Set

The e-liquid you choose has the most significant impact on your vaping experience. You can help your friend or loved one get more out of the vaping experience by giving the gift of an e-liquid set. Those who receive this as a gift will have the chance to explore new flavors and maybe even find some new favorites. Plus, by giving this gift, you will be giving the person many more hours of vaping pleasure.

Explore our product line to find many other great e-cigarette gifts, such as drip tips, adapters and even gift certificates.

postheadericon Pros and Cons in Choosing Electronic Cigarettes

Product_Kit_Mini_Classic_RN4081_Electronic_Cigarette_thumbnailElectronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are battery-operated devices that are similar to conventional cigarettes in appearance. An atomizer in the e-cigarette heats a liquid that contains nicotine and releases a puff of vapor that resembles smoke. In deciding whether you would like to become one of the millions of people who now use e-cigarettes, whether for health or social reasons, consider the following pros and cons.

One advantage to using an e-cigarette is the relative absence of social taboo and legal restrictions. Conventional cigarette smoking is banned in an increasing number of public places, forcing smokers to refrain entirely from smoking when out socializing or to find an acceptable place to smoke away from others.

Another advantage in choosing e-cigarettes is the absence of smoke produced. Though the propylene glycol vapor produced by e-cigarettes looks similar to tobacco smoke, the vapor is not smoke. This distinction becomes especially relevant in any discussion of the dangers or irritations caused by smoke inhalation.

With e-cigarettes, you have more flexibility in the nicotine levels as well as the flavors of the vaporizing liquid. Different manufacturers offer an array of options to customize your individual experience.

The disadvantages in choosing electronic cigarettes primarily pertain to the current lack of regulation in the products’ manufacturing and marketing. Since e-cigarettes are not subject to oversight, some users are concerned with possible safety issues.

Consider the various advantages and disadvantages of e-cigarettes, research the findings of studies on their safety and explore the multitude of options available on the market. If you decide to use an e-cigarette, remember that even though these devices do not produce the hundreds of toxic chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes, they do contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance.

postheadericon Smoking Alternatives: E-Cigs, E-Hookah, and Vaporizers

thumbnail (31)For whom the bell tolls? It tolls for thee. That’s what traditional cigarettes are hearing due to the advent of e-cigarettes since their electronic cousins offer so many choices for smokers and non-smokers alike. E-cigarettes aren’t the only method of enjoying the myriad of choices available out there in the world, you can also use e-hookahs and vaporizers. Each platform is best to use a certain kind of oil or flavor because all three platforms are built for a specific purpose.
The one that started it all, the e-cigarette usually comes preloaded with a specific flavor or tobacco type. E-cigarettes are here to mimic their traditional brethren so that way traditional smokers can try and enjoy the e-cigarette and make the jump. They are small and made perfect for people who just want to grab and go.
The name is simple because that’s exactly what it is, a hookah on the go. E-hookahs offer everything that you enjoy about hookahs but without having to deal with the sometimes annoying design of a traditional hookah. You get a great smoke and have the sensation of smoking a hookah but you can enjoy it anywhere.
Vaporizers are great because they make any oil into a spray that you can inhale directly into your blood stream. That may seem like a creepy proposition but this device works no different than your typical e-device, instead of steam it makes the oil into a vapor, which passes into the blood stream at a faster rate.
There you have it, and if you want to purchase any e-hookah or vaporizers then come to! We carry all kinds of devices and oils that you can use in almost any device. Also, Wawa sells only the best kind of oils and devices as we do not sell what we believe to be sub-par products.

postheadericon Who Said E-Cigs Had to be Boring?

thumbnail (26)If you are making the switch to e-cigarettes, you may be worried that there will be less variety of flavors and styles than you are used to with your regular tobacco cigarettes. The opposite is actually true- e-cigs come in a huge range of flavors and styles that are designed to suit everybody’s preferences. Websites like have some really interesting options.

You can try straight-up fruity flavors include blueberry, watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, pear, kiwi, coconut, blackberry, black cherry, and banana. There are also some fruity blends, including the popular Pixie Dust blend. If you prefer regular tobacco and/or menthol blends, there is a wide variety of combinations that will tempt your palate. If you’re a sugar rush junkie, try their tasty Unicorn or Big Foot blends. If you really want to try something on the wild side we suggest Vampire’s Kiss, which is a blend of Absynthe and Clove with some mint, spice, sugar, and other yummy ingredients mixed in.

If you are new to e-cig liquids, you may be overwhelmed at the massive number of flavors that are available. If this describes you, try out a sample pack and see which flavor works for you. You may decide that you like the constant variety so much that you may choose to continue buying sample packs! Either way, you will have fun finding the perfect blend for you. Viasi offers several economical flavor sample packs that will get you started on your e-cigarette journey.

You can quit smoking tobacco cigarettes easily with e-cigs, allowing you to save money and avoid difficult situations that regular tobacco cigarettes often entail. Don’t choose between getting your nicotine fix and eating out in a nice restaurant- you can do both at the same time! E-cigs are allowed in 99% of public locations.

postheadericon What Can I Do About A Cigarette Burn On My Car Seat?

One of the biggest risks drivers or passengers take when they light up a cigarette in the car is that something on the road causes them to drop or lose control of the cigarette. This almost always results in an unsightly burn mark left behind on the seat or the floor, and most people will immediately want to get rid of that burn mark in order to retain their interior’s appeal and ensure the car has a very high resale value when they see to purchase a new model. There is no real way to restore the seat to “like new” condition unless it is reupholstered or replaced entirely, but several repair methods can produce great results that minimize the effect dramatically.

Consider A Razor and Some Superglue

A cigarette burn on any the car’s seats is a pretty tricky situation to handle, but it’s one that has been tackled successfully for decades. One of the best do-it-yourself repair methods involves using a bit of excess fuzz from the seat’s non-burned material to essentially cover the burn mark and disguise it for future riders or even future car buyers after the vehicle has been resold. Here’s how it works.
Go to a local craft or hardware store and purchase a small, straight razor blade that can be used to scrape the surface of an object and make small cuts. Take this blade outside to the car and use it to scrape over the cigarette burn, smoothing the surface out. Then, use the same blade to scrape lightly over the surface of the seat’s non-burned fabric. Dab a small but of superglue on top of the burn mark and then deposit the fuzz obtained while scraping.

Distribute the fuzz evenly over the entire burn mark and allow the glue to harden. The result will be a repair that makes the burn mark virtually invisible, all while preserving the integrity of the seat and its fabric. This is one of the easiest and most affordable repairs available.

Consider a Patch Kit for Car Seat Burns

Some burns won’t take well to the razor-and-superglue method, and that’s to be expected. After all, vinyl and leather seating covers won’t have any fuzz to scrape or alter, while some burn holes will be too wide or deep to cover with mere fuzz and seat-scraping. That’s where a repair kit comes in.

Seat burn repair kits are pretty common on sites like Amazon, as well as at major detailing centers and auto parts supply stores around the country. Kits are generally sold with small patches that blend perfectly with gray, tan, black, and even white seats. Most can be purchased in cloth, mesh, leather, and vinyl material compositions, further enhancing the seamless approach to seat repair.

Using the patch kit, simply cut the patch to size and place it over the area where the burn took place. The patch should stick securely and blend easily, strengthening the seat and eliminating the prospect of future damage due to a deep hole in the material.

Go for New Seat Fabric or a New Seat

One final option does exist, and it involves going to a local dealer to have either a new seat installed or an old seat covered in new fabric. This is easily the most expensive option, and most drivers will want to avoid it in favor of the methods mentioned earlier. Even so, if the car is a brand new one or a high-value model, these repairs might make more sense so that the car can retain more of its value and enjoy a like-new feel for a longer period of time.

Andrew Handley writes about driving and general car tips, trying to cover the most common problems so you don’t have to! The three options mentioned here will all lead to at least a reduced visibility of the burn mark, while new seat upholstery or a new seat altogether will erase the mistake and allow for a fresh start.

postheadericon Interesting Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

Many electronic cigarette-manufacturing firms advertise smokeless cigarettes as alternatives to regular cigarettes. According to these manufacturers, electronic cigarettes have none of the cancer causing elements found in regular cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes work in the same fashion as fog machines. They are designed to atomize a liquid base inside a special chamber known as the cartridge. The “smoke” that electronic cigarette smokers exhale is not really smoke but atomized water vapour.

A battery that constitutes the cigarette’s body powers the atomizer. One notable difference between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that in the former, there is no combustion while in the latter; there is heat that burns up the tobacco.


The design of electronic cigarettes is much the same as other smoking products. The most popular types of electronic cigarettes are the pen and cigarette styles. The pen-style e-cigarette looks like a ballpoint pen and comes in different colors. The cigarette-style model looks like a regular cigarette.


Electronic cigarettes have a liquid base. This comes in different flavours and contains varying nicotine levels. The liquid base is found in the cigarette’s cartridge. Other components of the electronic cigarette include an atomizer, which is the heating element, electronic circuits, rechargeable batteries and an LED light cover.


There are no scientific theories supporting the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes as smoking cessations aids. Moreover, no evidence has been found to conclude that electronic cigarettes are harmful to the human body.


More research needs to be undertaken to come up with alternative liquid base that are completely free of nicotine. Once that is done, electronic cigarettes will be a safe alternative for people who do not want to smoke and may act as an aid to smoking cessation.

E-cigarette Tips

Smoking cessation can be very difficult for tobacco addicts. Smokeless cigarettes provide people the opportunity to enjoy some of the sensations provided by the traditional cigarettes without experiencing their negative effects.


Consider understanding how smokeless cigarettes work before using them. These devices do not produce smoke altogether. Therefore, they do not require a flame neither do they use one. When an individual puffs in from a smokeless cigarette, he/she will exhale water vapor and not smoke.


Smoking cigarettes have various components including a battery, refill cartridge and atomizer. The cartridge is where heated liquid is converted to vapour.

Side Effects

The most common side effect of smokeless cigarettes is that those who switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to the electronic cigarettes will experience a feeling of being slightly sick. This is because smokeless cigarettes are unable to deliver the same levels of nicotine as traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes have many chemicals. When smokers switch to electronic cigarettes, their bodies become starved of these chemicals. This results in withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, headache and sore throat.

Types Of Smokeless Tobacco Snuff

This is available in two forms:

- Moist

- Dry

This type of smokeless tobacco comes in various forms including strips, pouches and lozenges. Snuff should be chopped finely before use. Some sellers grind it into a powder then pack them in sachets for sale. It is sold in different flavours including fruit and mint among others. Snuff can also be inhaled through the nose.

Chewing Tobacco

This type of smokeless tobacco is available in different shapes and flavours. Manufacturers cut this type of smokeless tobacco in three different ways: fine long and original. Unlike snuff, this type of tobacco causes a build-up of saliva, which can either be swallowed or spat out.

Just like traditional cigarettes, smokeless or electronic cigarettes come in different brands. However, they have varying nicotine levels and can be used in different forms.

Jack Williams works as an e cigarette salesman for retailers, I Fancy One. Visit their site to find out more information about electronic cigarettes.